Berends MS, Luz CF, Friedrich AW, Sinha BNM, Albers CJ, Glasner C (2021). AMR - An R Package for Working with Antimicrobial Resistance Data. Journal of Statistical Software (accepted for publication),

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  • Matthijs S. Berends. Author, maintainer.

  • Christian F. Luz. Author, contributor.

  • Alexander W. Friedrich. Author, thesis advisor.

  • Bhanu N. M. Sinha. Author, thesis advisor.

  • Casper J. Albers. Author, thesis advisor.

  • Corinna Glasner. Author, thesis advisor.

  • Judith M. Fonville. Contributor.

  • Erwin E. A. Hassing. Contributor.

  • Eric H. L. C. M. Hazenberg. Contributor.

  • Gwen Knight. Contributor.

  • Annick Lenglet. Contributor.

  • Bart C. Meijer. Contributor.

  • Sofia Ny. Contributor.

  • Rogier P. Schade. Contributor.

  • Dennis Souverein. Contributor.

  • Anthony Underwood. Contributor.