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Data set containing defined intrinsic resistance by EUCAST of all bug-drug combinations.




A tibble with 134 634 observations and 2 variables:

  • mo
    Microorganism ID

  • ab
    Antibiotic ID


This data set is based on 'EUCAST Expert Rules' and 'EUCAST Intrinsic Resistance and Unusual Phenotypes' v3.3 (2021).

Direct download

Like all data sets in this package, this data set is publicly available for download in the following formats: R, MS Excel, Apache Feather, Apache Parquet, SPSS, SAS, and Stata. Please visit our website for the download links. The actual files are of course available on our GitHub repository.

They allow for machine reading EUCAST and CLSI guidelines, which is almost impossible with the MS Excel and PDF files distributed by EUCAST and CLSI.


#> # A tibble: 134,634 × 2
#>    mo      ab   
#>    <mo>    <chr>
#>  1 B_GRAMP ATM  
#>  2 B_GRAMP COL  
#>  3 B_GRAMP NAL  
#>  4 B_GRAMP PLB  
#>  5 B_GRAMP TEM  
#>  6 B_ABTRP ATM  
#>  7 B_ABTRP COL  
#>  8 B_ABTRP NAL  
#>  9 B_ABTRP PLB  
#> 10 B_ABTRP TEM  
#> # ℹ 134,624 more rows