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Data set containing reference data to interpret MIC and disk diffusion to R/SI values, according to international guidelines. Currently implemented guidelines are EUCAST (2011-2022) and CLSI (2011-2022). Use as.rsi() to transform MICs or disks measurements to R/SI values.




A tibble with 20,369 observations and 11 variables:

  • guideline
    Name of the guideline

  • method
    Either "DISK" or "MIC"

  • site
    Body site, e.g. "Oral" or "Respiratory"

  • mo
    Microbial ID, see

  • rank_index
    Taxonomic rank index of mo from 1 (subspecies/infraspecies) to 5 (unknown microorganism)

  • ab
    Antibiotic ID, see as.ab()

  • ref_tbl
    Info about where the guideline rule can be found

  • disk_dose
    Dose of the used disk diffusion method

  • breakpoint_S
    Lowest MIC value or highest number of millimetres that leads to "S"

  • breakpoint_R
    Highest MIC value or lowest number of millimetres that leads to "R"

  • uti
    A logical value (TRUE/FALSE) to indicate whether the rule applies to a urinary tract infection (UTI)


Like all data sets in this package, this data set is publicly available for download in the following formats: R, MS Excel, Apache Feather, Apache Parquet, SPSS, SAS, and Stata. Please visit our website for the download links. The actual files are of course available on our GitHub repository.

They allow for machine reading EUCAST and CLSI guidelines, which is almost impossible with the MS Excel and PDF files distributed by EUCAST and CLSI.


#> # A tibble: 20,369 × 11
#>    guideline   method site  mo           rank_in…¹ ab   ref_tbl  disk_…² break…³
#>    <chr>       <chr>  <chr> <mo>             <dbl> <ab> <chr>    <chr>     <dbl>
#>  1 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_ASPRG_MGTS         2 AMB  Aspergi… NA            1
#>  2 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_ASPRG_NIGR         2 AMB  Aspergi… NA            1
#>  3 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CANDD              3 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#>  4 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CANDD_ALBC         2 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#>  5 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CANDD_DBLN         2 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#>  6 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CANDD_KRUS         2 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#>  7 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CANDD_PRPS         2 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#>  8 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CANDD_TRPC         2 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#>  9 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_CRYPT_NFRM         2 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#> 10 EUCAST 2022 MIC    NA    F_PICHI              3 AMB  Candida  NA            1
#> # … with 20,359 more rows, 2 more variables: breakpoint_R <dbl>, uti <lgl>, and
#> #   abbreviated variable names ¹​rank_index, ²​disk_dose, ³​breakpoint_S